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Please contact Hawk Ridge Art at 218-348-0097 to place an order.

Hawk Ridge Arts - Special Viewing 

Doug and Kris Cameron - Owners of Hawk Ridge Arts

The John Peyton Collection is held at Doug and Kris Cameron’s Home Gallery in Lester Park:  5110 Peabody St., Duluth, MN  55804Hawk Ridge Art showcases John L. Peyton’s amazing art collection of over 700 original paintings, thousands of lithographic prints, giclee prints, books and gift cards.

We can make a giclee  print of any painting we have in prices that run from:

  •   $50.00 for an 8x10”
  • $100.00 for an 11x14”
  • $150.00 for a 16x20”
  • $250.00 for a 24x30”

We have 5 books of John’s and 26 gift cards available of our most popular paintings. 

Our home is our gallery and we welcome visitors!  Call us at 218-348-0097 to make an appointment. 

We are Members of the Duluth Chamber of Commerce and Visit Duluth.

John Peyton Paintings by Hawk Ridge Arts

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Hawk Ridge Art 
  Hawk Ridge Art Home Gallery
5110 Peabody St
Duluth MN 55804
Call for Appt - (218) 348-0097

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