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John Peyton, wilderness artist paintings, prints and arts collection. Hawk Ridge Art, Duluth Minnesota MN.
Lake Superior paintings, Duluth Minnesota art, Lake Superior giclee prints, outdoors prints.


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John Peyton Paintings by Hawk Ridge Arts  
Hawk Ridge Art Brochure
Hawk Ridge Art 
  Hawk Ridge Art Home Gallery
5110 Peabody St
Duluth MN 55804
Call for Appt - (218) 348-0097

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What is a Giclee Print  

This is a new form of fine art reproduction.  Giclee is derived from the French word meaning "to spray ink".  The image is captured, proofed and printed digitally using a high-end, large format inkjet printer that uses archival lab-tested inks to coat the paper or canvas with pigment.  The inks have been lab tested to withstand normal home lighting conditions for anywhere from 35-200 years, depending on the ink and paper used, before showing any signs of fading.  While the cost of the giclee print is higher, it gives the buyer a much improved print which will not fade in normal home lighting within 20 years like the off-set lithographic prints can do.

Giclees cost $50 for an 8x10 (when available); $100 for 11x14, $150 for 16x20; and $250 for an 24x30 print.  High quality gallery art that lasts at a great price.


Giclee Print - Ordering Info.  
  • Giclee prints may be custom ordered in different sizes
  • Shipping and handling extra - orders filled within 2 weeks
  • Giclee prints may be produced from an original with minimum print size of 11x14
  • Giclee print sizes vary proportionately to the size of the original
  • Our giclee prints are limited editions of 450 prints for 16x20s and 250 prints for 24x30s

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